I have outlined different types of wedding cakes available. I hope this is helpful to you.


Well dowelled so that heavier cakes can be placed on top of lighter ones. There are many different options available including different sizes and depths: square and round, as part of the same cake.


Tiers can separated or part stacked with one separation for fresh or sugar flowers. the plaster pillars showing. The cakes can be placed on boards slightly wider than the cake and so visible

Individual Cakes

Displayed on a multi- tiered stand these little cakes can be taken home by your guests in little boxes which I can source for you and are available in any flavoured cake with fondant icing, frosting or ganache and decoration.

Cup cakes

Cupcakes are popular and fun and can be baked in many different types of cases and placed in decorative wrappers. They could be offered in individual transparent boxes tied with a pretty ribbon and displayed on a multi-tiered stand.


A Chocolate wedding cake could be offered as a pudding and served with fresh summer berries and cream or ice cream. It could be wrapped in dark, milk or white Belgian
chocolate, covered in chocolate panels, chocolate sugarpaste, rich chocolate ganache or cigarillos: Dark or milk or white. Almost any flavoured sponge could be covered with a chocolate covering.


Fondant icing is not always very popular. Any sponge or chocolate cake is available without icing and can look very pretty layered with jam and frosting or ganache, decorated with fresh roses and summer berries and dusted in icing sugar.

Fondant Fancies

These little 2” square sponge cakes are layered with jam and frosting, covered in marzipan and glazed with real fruit fondant icing in any colour. They can be decorated with little sugar flowers and decorative piped icing and served in pretty paper cases.