I have outlined a selection of my most popular cakes but if you have a favourite which is not listed I would be pleased to make this for you.

Victoria Sponge

A light sponge baked with pure vanilla extract brushed with vanilla syrup and layered with raspberry jam and vanilla frosting.

Tangy Lemon Drizzle cake

Lemon sponge drizzled with lemon syrup and Lemoncello while still warm. Layered with lemon buttercream and lemon curd.

Chocolate and Orange cake

Orange sponge cake drizzled with orange syrup and Cointreau while still warm and layered with orange buttercream and chocolate ganache.


Very light and moist this cake is fat free (made with oil) and will keep for up to two weeks. Delicious with a cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate Sponge

Chocolate sponge made with pure chocolate extract. Drizzled while still warm with chocolate syrup and layered with chocolate buttercream.

Espresso Coffee and walnut Drizzle cake

Made with pure coffee extract and drizzled with coffee syrup while still warm. Layered together coffee buttercream.

Luxury Rich Fruit Cake

Deliciously dark and moist, this fruit cake is full of succulent vine fruits which are soaked in brandy and fresh lemon and orange juice for several days before baking. When baked this cake is sprinkled with more brandy and will keep well for up to two years if required for the Christening. ‘Rosanne was delighted to receive two stars from The Great Taste team for her Rich fruit Cake (2013)’